Se présenter, a Remote Lesson

Here is set of lessons on Se présenter for a synchronous class on a platform like Google Meet during which you can share these slides by sharing your screen. After, you can post the slides to a learning management site like Google Classroom, giving each student their own copy. While you are presenting you can do some of the activities together and preview some of the other activities without taking the time to do them. Next, during the asynchronous time, students can work through the activities at their own pace.

There are three simple technology tools that I incorporated into these lessons, EdPuzzle, Quizlet and Flipgrid. EdPuzzle is a platform where the teacher can ask students questions during a video. Create a class so you can see your students’ scores. Quizlet is an online flashcard and vocabulary game tool that gives students lots of repetition with a set of vocabulary. I always tell students which games to play in what order. For this tool as well, create classes so that you can see your students’ progress. Fligrid is a tool where the teacher leaves a video to start a conversation and the students respond via video.

Use Flipgrid at the end of this set of lessons to do the assessment. Post a video where you record yourself doing what you are asking the students to do. Your students will post videos to respond. Then you can enable the comment function and assign students to respond to their classmates. In order to make it fair to all students, there are two key things to do that I learned from Rebecca Blouwolff, the ACTFL teacher of the year. First, make sure to disable the like function to avoid student competition. Second, ask students to respond to someone who doesn’t have a response yet. That way, hopefully at the end of the assignment each student will have one response. Through Flipgrid you will have an assessment for which you can give students feedback. Try to be specific and personal in your comments to try to motivate students.

This set of slides wouldn’t be your full lessons for greetings and leave-takings, it would be just part of the unit and then you can adapt your regular in person lessons to flesh out the rest of the unit. I hope you will get something out of this resource, whether you use it as it is or take inspiration from it to do something else!

17 responses to “Se présenter, a Remote Lesson”

  1. Merci pour le partage, madame! This is going to be so helpful à la rentrée with my novices.

  2. Merci Madame. These look great! My goal over the summer is to get my resources organized and aligned (once and for all). This looks like a good place to start.

    Do you plan to create more of these?

    You are so kind to share!

    J’espère que vous allez bien!!!


  3. Your work is remarkable and will be so helpful, when we return to a hybrid model in August. Mille mercis! Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, under which name?

    • Hi Lyn, thanks for your comment. I have a YouTube channel where I talk about teaching methods. It is called World Language Toolbox. I also collect authentic resources, including videos, on Pinterest and am called Sarah FLE Teacher. Best of luck for the start of school.

  4. Hello, this is fabulous and thank you for your generosity. A question: For the Google slides where students can X statements that apply to them (for example), do they then submit the entire gslides back to you so you can see their work? Merci!

  5. This is a great resource, as a nice review for novice students. I love the use of authentic materials, difficult to find for this level…above all, I love the diversity represented by the pictures and videos, so essential in this time of social justice. Merci de partager avec nous!

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