Update your resources on Mes origines to create a set of lessons for remote learning

When you go back to school in September, it might be smart to have a toolbox of remote learning lessons should you need them. While we hope that we will be teaching in person, there could quickly be a reason due to the pandemic for you to have a few individuals, part of the class or the whole class learning remotely. To that end, let’s address updating your Mes origines unit and make a few changes to produce a set of emergency remote learning lessons.

Let’s start with my example, a set of lessons where I incorporated activities around talking about one’s origins, in a very limited way because of the simple language available to a Novice Mid student. My thinking here is that my students will get a brief introduction in the first months of studying French so that they can then build on it as their proficiency increases.

At the end of the lesson there are two activities to talk about diversity. One is a way for us to acknowledge membership to different groups and to discuss it and the other is a simple poster to read from UNICEF to connect to the value of having an official identity.

I hope there are some ideas here that you can borrow for your teaching. And, more importantly, if you have some additional resources and activities for the Novice Mid learner, share them with your networks and here in the comments so that we can all learn together.

3 responses to “Update your resources on Mes origines to create a set of lessons for remote learning”

  1. This was such a great resource, thank you so much for sharing! It actually led me into a rabbit hole of thinking about “les droits de l’enfant” and creating a mini-unit on this theme. I’m thinking about having students explore the universal children’s rights and then being able to discuss which one they think is most important and why. So thanks again for the inspiration!

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