Dollar Street: Images of families from around the world

“People in other cultures are often portrayed as scary or exotic,” says Anna Rosling Rönnlund, the inventor of Dollar Street. “This has to change. We want to show how people really live. It seemed natural to use photos as data so people can see for themselves what life looks like on different income levels. Dollar Street lets you visit many, many homes all over the world. Without traveling.” 

La famille Mbusya

In a unit on families, the images from Dollar Sense can give students information to answer the question “What is a family?” To get to that answer, students can observe families from different countries around the world.

To start, preview the site with your students. Then give them an assignment where they read about different families, think about the information and do some writing for themselves. The sample assignment that I linked here is for Novice level students.

How have you used Dollar Street in your class?

4 responses to “Dollar Street: Images of families from around the world”

  1. I also highly recommend where students from all over the world show their bedrooms. Great to talk/write about when doing a unit on house OR family.

  2. I also highly recommend where students show their bedrooms (and often, families). Good for house or family vocab listening.

  3. I have looked at this website many times, and I hesitate to use it because I don’t want to reinforce the belief that white families are rich and brown families are poor. Any thoughts about that?

    • Maybe you would better like the site and activity at the bottom of the post called Là où je dors. I have a long answer to your question, about five paragraphs. If you want to write back with your email, I will keep it private and will send you my answer.

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