Les héros

I am always trying to plug into topics that interest my Middle School students. My latest attempt is the twin topics of Heroes, meaning people we admire, and Super Heroes. I found excellent materials on a blog Les Crayons de Delf and modified the activities to create some lessons for Novices.

Here is a mini-unit to address heroes.

Essential questions: Who is a hero? What are their accomplishments?

Can do statements

Here are slides to use while teaching

Activities for lessons

Hook video: Soprano – À nos héros du quotidien Play first minute 20 seconds of the video and ask students to tell you what is the main idea depicted in the story of the video.

EdPuzzle: C’est quoi un héros ?

Have students do the reading on changemakers. Have students look for words for professions. Show slide with all of their pictures and say their nationality / occupation / un fait divers and students say who it is.

EdPuzzle Greta Thunberg

Talk about real life heroes. Ask students to identify a hero and say what they do:

Read two slides about superheroes

Hand out lyrics. Play song Super Mamie. Have students underline words they know.

Readings on Superhéros. Hand out first reading to groups of four. Play the Lucky Reading Game. Here are the questions.

Akinator: We are going to play the reverse guessing game Akinator, trying to get the Akinator to guess a Super Hero. We use the readings about the Super Hero for background information to help us answer questions. 

Kahoot: Les superhéros 

Students create a plan for their own superhero

Students in groups talk about their super heroes. Show students sentence starters on the slides to help them share the information from their charts.

Reading: Noms de rue Teacher reads out loud the excerpts on the slides. “Can anyone give a summary in English, not a translation?”  Ask the class to share five facts in French with their discussion groups. Share out to the class. Then, ask students to put the reading away.

Show students the pictures from the reading on the slide. Have a class conversation where they say as much as they can about the picture. “What do you see? What do you know about that?” Ask yes and no questions to help them along. Lead the class to what would make sense for them to talk about and what they have the vocabulary to talk about.

Shared Writing: Ask students to give sentences about what we discussed together. Teacher writes them down.

Shared Reading: Teacher reads the finished paragraph back to the students.

Put the paragraph away. Have students write sentences from what they remember of the group writing. Then have them write one sentence of their own. 

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