French Proficiency-Based Unit on Clothing

It is March and in public schools the month feels long. We look forward to Spring vacation and for some of us teachers, our inspiration is shot. Lately I am getting requests from teachers for ready-made materials because the teachers are busy, burnt-out or lacking motivation. As the days get brighter and the weather warmer, I wanted to offer a ready-made unit for my readers.

Please find the unit plan and materials for a Novice French Unit on Clothing in this shared folder. Pieces of this unit you will recognize because I have shared them before, but this is my updated unit for the current year. A good place to start is with the unit plan and the teaching slides. Please note on the teaching slides that there are frequently links in the speaker notes to the corresponding documents. And, it is worth mentioning that my students keep a journal in the classroom where they do all of their work, such as complete graphic organizers, write a hint for a guessing game or complete an exit ticket. I read through the journals periodically and respond to the ideas.

What does it mean to update a unit? Well, this new version relies on the template from Leslie Grahn and makes use of her suggestions from her One lesson at a time materials on Clothing with a Conscience. Leslie helps us understand how to use authentic resources and include all three modes of communication. This helped me greatly with my instruction and I hope it helps you too. In addition, I have added in references to gender neutral clothing. So my unit is updated in its approach as well as, in part, in its content.

I am not able to completely revamp the unit every year. I don’t have time for that. But these little changes help respond to current advances in teaching and new topics of student interest. It is my hope that you find some inspiration in this unit!

2 responses to “French Proficiency-Based Unit on Clothing”

  1. You are the best! Thank you for sharing this unit on Clothiing. It is so very helpful as I am starting out with CI. -Kristen Allen

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