À l’école: Mini hybrid / remote unit on the school day

I am teaching two remote classes and three hybrid classes, so I develop activities to be delivered electronically. The activities can be posted on a School Management Site and the slides can be used for visuals while teaching live in the classroom or via screen share in virtual meetings. To share them with you, I put them in this Google Drive folder. Please take note of the Lesson Plans document, where there are explanations, sequencing, reference to which slides to use when and links to the activities.

I am repeating myself here, but I want to yet again highlight the importance of sharing materials during this time. My materials may have typos that I have missed or be incomplete in some way, but I hope you will find value in them as a start to planning your own lessons. I have found teachers to be tired and full of anxiety. I am sharing this mini-unit to try to help my virtual colleagues and I encourage you to share where you can, whether it is in your school with a close friend or on the Internet. We all need each other now.

I like this topic, the school day. Schools are places where students are coming together whereas for the rest of their time they are isolated and away from their friends. Rally your class around the topic of the school day. Hear from them about their experience. And, encourage them to talk to their classmates, all on the topic of the school day.