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  • Summer learning: Movement and Decolonizing the curriculum

    For me this summer was a time to travel, reflect and attend some excellent PD. The two pieces I have been thinking about are how to work movement more into my teaching and how to address topics that honor the different parts of the world where French is spoken while talking openly about the role […]

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  • Teaching Culture

    When teaching culture, World Language teachers avoid making generalizations or rules. Instead, we show students examples from the culture by sharing authentic documents in order for students to make their own observations and draw their own conclusions. We do our best work when we share multiple authentic documents in an attempt to avoid representing a […]

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  • Leveraging EdPuzzle through Live Mode

    I am excited to share with you that EdPuzzle can be employed with the whole class together by using the Live Mode feature. Showing your class a relevant video with embedded questions, gives students input on the theme you are presenting in your unit. The language will be used in context and the video makes […]

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  • Watching TV to teach language

    The Disney show Weekend Family, that streams on Disney +, has characters of color, a same sex couple and a complex blended family. As it is a family show, the scenes depict scenarios that revolve around our students’ experiences, for example being dropped off at Dad’s for the weekend, making food together for Sunday brunch […]

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