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  • Communication through music

    Making the transition from teaching a list of vocabulary words to teaching students to communicate on a topic can be challenging, especially when teaching novice students who learn through memorized chunks of language. This March for the Manie Musicale or March Madness bracket of songs, I was a little stuck on using one approach over…

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  • Unit Plan on Heroes

    Undoubtedly, now that it is January you are thinking to yourself about what you will do for Black History month. As a department we are committed to making units about Black History. Ever running to complete lessons at the last minute, today I finished my Unit Plan that I will start in a few weeks.…

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  • Boom Cards

    For the first time this year I am using Boom Cards, as they allow students to hear the language, respond to show understanding and get immediate feedback while working at their own speed. The app Boom Cards is a product of Boom Learning and is an online digital resource. I would like to suggest you…

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