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  • Movie Talk Resources

    Joshua Cabral and I delved into Movie and Picture Talks on the World Language Classroom Podcast. You can find our conversation on the episodes page of his website, or wherever you get your podcasts by searching World Language Classroom. To accompany the interview, I wanted to re-post Movie Talk Resources so that listeners have some […]

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  • Worth Paying For

    Curriculum is worth the price. I believe our departments should purchase materials for us to use in our teaching. Let’s let the experts with degrees in curriculum writing decide on themes, essential questions and can do statements and make the activities and assessments to support them. Then teachers can add in playful games and up-dated […]

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  • Movie Talk for Remote Learners

    Many of you rely on Movie Talks to tell stories in collaboration with your students. It seems it has become as popular as TPRS stories once were. And now that many of you have tried remote teaching, I am sure you have experience of how to do Movie Talks virtually. I would love to talk […]

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  • Learn to do Movie Talk in 20 minutes

    I am starting a new series called “Learn to in 20 minutes”. In this series I am going to give teachers like you instruction for how to use different techniques in language instruction. This first installment is on Movie Talk. I have found that there are many teachers who want to learn this technique that […]

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  • Movie Talk Update

    Still newish to doing Movie Talks, I have been enjoying the milage that I get out of one short video. Movie Talk, if you haven’t heard, is a technique where the teacher shows a video and along with the class narrates the story in the target language, giving students that all-important input. This is the […]

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  • The 10 Best French Short Videos for Movie Talk

    Movie Talk is gaining momentum in our World Language community. I have blogged on this technique that is an extension of TPRS storytelling, or in my layman’s terms a great way to deliver language input in the novice high to intermediate low classroom. I like that the teacher uses pictures to show the students what […]

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  • Movie Talk: how to get students talking through stories

    What I am trying to make happen in the proficiency-based classroom is to create opportunities for communication. Some teachers do this talking with students about the basketball game last night or the dance on Friday evening. Unfortunately talking about our students’ lives doesn’t get you through the year and I have realized that I can […]

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