My students’ favorite French music

My Level 1 French students have songs to recommend.  These are songs where they like the tune and we have listened to them a few times since I introduced them.  The first time I play the song we do Interpretive activities, which you will find below.  Later we listen to the songs while we are working.

Most of these songs I found on TV5 Monde’s Paroles de Clips.   The site has music videos for teaching French and activities which are leveled.  I have found the offerings to be current and carefully chosen.  I collect appropriate French music for teaching on a Music Video Board on Pinterest.


We watch the video as we listen to the song, because the visual gives context and for that reason I especially like videos that tell the story of the song.  Seeing that I teach 7th and 8th graders, the song’s lyrics and its video has to be appropriate for that age.  I have a native speaker at each grade level, so I can’t get away with anything!

Elle me dit de Mika     Activity: Elle me dit

Papaoutai de Stromae     Activity: Papaoutai

En été de La reine des neiges     Activity: En été

Rien à vous dire de Jérôme Minière     Activity: Rien a vous dire

La Seine de Vanessa Paradis et M     Activity: La Seine

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