Learn to do Movie Talk in 20 minutes

I am starting a new series called “Learn to in 20 minutes”. In this series I am going to give teachers like you instruction for how to use different techniques in language instruction. This first installment is on Movie Talk. I have found that there are many teachers who want to learn this technique that they may have heard about from others. I hope you feel like I keep my word and truly teach Movie Talk in 20 minutes.


Please join the learning by entering a comment here on the Blog. Tell my readers how you use Movie Talk or tell us what you like about Movie Talk. Thank you!

14 responses to “Learn to do Movie Talk in 20 minutes”

  1. Merci bien! This makes me want to learn more about CI. I think switching up thematic teaching and IPA’s with fun activities like this is key!


    • Thanks for the comment. I agree. I especially like that there is high interest in videos and stories. And, like you, I find that you can get in so much vocabulary, which can be targeted to what you want to teach.

  2. Love! Thank you! I start telling the stories with just me talking/acting to get students to imagine a little on their own first what characters or setting might look like.

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