Online games that promote proficiency

When you want to play games with your students yet you want the games to promote proficiency, try out a few of these ideas.

  • Play Quizlet with fill in the blank instead of translation. Request that students play Match and Gravity. Here is an example on the topic of Mes Activités.
  • One of my favorites is Jeopardy on Factile. Here is a beginner’s version that I call Les Premiers Mois.
  • A Kahoot game is a way to circumlocute and ask students to guess from four options or it can be a regular trivia game. Here is a game for La Famille and another for Ma Journée and then a trivia game for Les Super Héros.
  • And finally, have students read in French about some super heros such as Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, La femme invisible and Wonderwoman. Then play the reverse guessing game Akinator and see if the Akinator can guess the super hero.

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