Stations for communication and culture in French class

What are the reasons teachers use stations? It allows students to be self-directed, groups to collaborate and the teacher to work in small groups. I thought I would try out this strategy and wanted to share my sample lesson on the country of Niger and daily activities with you. Here is my step by step process to make it easy to set up.

Post to your learning management system: 

  • The directions to read to all students– you will need to swap out the links with the ones you make 
  • The presentation Niger 
  • Assign the Kahoot on classroom, students play as an assignment– you will need to copy the game to your Kahoot account first
  • EdPuzzle: Aboubakar au Niger– to assign it on Classroom, you will need to copy it to your account first
  • Link to Aboubakar au Niger video


My version of these stations is for Novice students. I tried to make the activities well supported and super accessible so that stations would go well and we could build on this in the future!

Here is a second example of stations, this time on Senegal and free-time activities.

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