Leveraging EdPuzzle through Live Mode

I am excited to share with you that EdPuzzle can be employed with the whole class together by using the Live Mode feature. Showing your class a relevant video with embedded questions, gives students input on the theme you are presenting in your unit. The language will be used in context and the video makes the input more compelling. As you watch the video with the class, especially at the Novice level, Live Mode presents the opportunity for you to talk students through an interpretive activity.

The video you play will pause to ask questions, the questions appear on the students’ screen for support and you can give students time to think. Then, each student at their own device answers. While their answers could be used as an interpretive formative assessment, another reason to have students answer questions is to keep them engaged. As I have been moving away from frequent assessment toward prioritizing input, I use the embedded questions as a guide to keep students engaged in the input.

Here are 32 EdPuzzles for you to consider using with your Novice French students. Copy the EdPuzzle, make a class of your students and assign the video to your students as a link on your Learning Management System. From the page on EdPuzzle where you see the assigned video, you click on Live Mode, then the students follow the link and the activity begins.

Within these examples, find one that is useful for the current theme you are presenting to your Novice students and try using the video as an additional source of input. I think that you will find that alongside the other ways you deliver input, this will further the repetitions of vocabulary that lends itself toward talking about oneself and describing, two Novice skills, and Live Mode will become an additional tool to advance your students’ proficiency.

4 responses to “Leveraging EdPuzzle through Live Mode”

  1. Me too, I have really enjoyed using the Edpuzzle Live mode in class. Students appreciate the support I can provide as when we do them together and it allows me to go deeper into the topic with my classes. Great post!

    • Thanks for your comment. The reason why I post is to learn from others in the conversations I have about the posts. It is helpful to hear that you have found the support you are able to offer allows you and your class to dig deeper! I so agree.

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