I started learning French in forth grade in a public elementary school.  I continued to study the language by taking a few steps that many students who are interested in languages do in high school and college.  I took AP French classes in high school and participated in a school exchange.  At college, I spent my junior year studying and living with a family in Avignon, France and senior year back in the States I lived in the French house, where we spoke the language for all our interactions.  Then, the year after I graduated, I taught English in a French high school in Carcassonne, France, for a program funded by the French government.  You never know where life will take you!


Though not French related, I also lived in Colombia for a year while teaching English in a bilingual high school.  That was the only time in my life that I have lived in a developing country and I would highly recommend it as an experience.  I found a group who was visiting families in a small town without electricity and started going with them to bring food and play with the children.

Then my husband’s job took us to Paris for three years, during which I helped start a company where a colleague and I taught English to business people.  Here I am in a recent picture back in the neighborhood where I lived in Paris.

For years, my husband and I have taken many trips around France, including ski holidays and biking trips.  I have three kids and they are good travelers too.  This is a picture from when they were young. They loved taking the Eurostar, the train that runs under the English channel between England and France.  IMG_6958It is my passion to meet people while traveling and speak to them in their language!

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