These are the projects I used to use in my teaching. I am currently reevaluating them to see how they fit into proficiency-based instruction. I am sure I will keep at least some of them.

Personne Célèbres:

Personnes Célèbres assignment sheet
Personnes qui sont célèbres
Personnes Célèbres bibliography
Personnes Célèbres research notes
Personnes Celebres vocabulaire

French Geography Unit

French Geography Unit

Help on projects

  • Try to use the vocabulary you know and very little that you haven’t been taught
  • Use the Collins French Dictionary online
  • Set Word to French for the spell check
  • Here is how to Type Accents
  • Don’t use an online translator

2 responses to “Projects”

  1. Hi. I am a French teacher and saw your comment on TpT about the French Geography Unit. I would love to have your PowerPoint and any other resources you have that go along with this. I’m happy to find your blog as well. Merci!

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