Classroom Management

Routine:  Students know that when they first arrive in class they do the same routine everyday, called “les quatres étapes”.

  1. Prenez les cahiers de classe.
  2. Sortez les devoirs de hier soir.
  3. Ecrivez les devoirs.
  4. Faites l’exercice rapide.

Class starts with the “quick exercise” that is on the board.

Seating plan and group work:  Students sit in groups in assigned seats.  Seats change every unit.  The group works together on such tasks as storytelling.  On occasion the student is asked to take a role based on the position of his or her seat.

Pair work:  Students sign up for eight to twelve partners at the beginning of the year.  In 6th and 7th grade partners are “clock buddies”, using the visual of a clock.  In 8th grade partners are “where buddies”, using the idea of meeting a partner in different places.  Both techniques are to facilitate quick pairing up.  Students who have absent partners approach the teacher to be paired up.

Partner Clock

Where Partners

Accountability for speaking French:  Students take 3 clothes pins a day from the bucket.  If the student speaks English during class, the teacher takes away a clothes pin.  If the student goes above and beyond speaking in French, the teacher may give a clothes pin.  Clothes pins are tallied as points at the end of class.  A participation grade is given based on the number of points the student possesses.

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