My instruction follows the effective practices of teaching a second language as per our town-wide department:

French is used as the language of communication in our class.

Students understand what is said through gestures, visuals and example.

When new vocabulary is presented it is used in context and through example.  I use pictures in a power point presentation and real items.  In the case of longer phrases, the phrases are used to communicate something familiar in the context of the classroom.

Grammar helps us communicate.  It is not the focus of the class.

Once we have learned and practiced new vocabulary and structures, students are asked to use unrehearsed language.

Daily the students do pair or small group activities where they use French for meaningful communication, which is to say to do something or communicate something.

Students learn to listen to, speak, read and write in French.

Students are asked to correct their own errors, with help.  Sometimes for fluency, I allow them to continue speaking even if they have made an error.

I check for understanding as I go and adjust my use of language and visual cues accordingly.

Activities that are developmentally appropriate include Storytelling called Alex et Anne, interviews about the students and their world called Questions and many language games. There are projects too, such as fashion shows, a cooking contest, simulations and comic strips.

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