Story Script for a song you may have missed on restaurant vocabulary

This is my third and final post on writing story scripts for music videos. My intention in explaining story scripts in this blog post and then offering two examples (one in that same post and another here) was to give our community of French teachers a start into the practice.

media.nrj.fr_436x327_2016_02_l-e-j_9207I am hoping you will especially appreciate this third and final example because it is a song with relevant vocabulary for teaching beginning French that you might have missed. La Dalle is a song by L.E. J. that came out in 2015 and was the group’s first original piece. If you aren’t familiar with the group, you might enjoy introducing them to your students because the group’s musical style is so different than the music that our students listen to on their own accord that the song may surprise students and interest them for its uniqueness.

This is the intended order of the activities:

You will notice that this technique, that I learned from Kara Jacobs, offers the students multiple chances to interact with the vocabulary from the song. If you want to continue work with it, don’t miss this resource from TV5 Monde.

Please let me know in the comments if you have tried a story script for a song and what has worked for you!


5 responses to “Story Script for a song you may have missed on restaurant vocabulary”

  1. Love the song and video. Thank you for introducing all of us to it! I have recently being using court métrage in a similar manner and love this approach. Students enjoy it as well. I have found however that I often have to give a short assessment (formative or summative) before moving on otherwise my students don’t take the work seriously. Do you do the same? How do you ensure the students see the value/benefits in what they’re doing?

    • To ensure that students see the value of the activity, I make sure that I employ for the activity the same Can Do objective statements as the ones I use to test them in the Summative Assessment. The students then come to see the pattern that the practice work we do over the course of the unit prepares them to perform on the test and they are as such more motivated to engage in the formative assessment activities. At the same time, I understand your question as I have struggled with that issue myself and have lots of conversations about it with my Spanish teacher colleague!

  2. Thank you so much I wasn’t aware of this song and it will go great with my unit on La nourriture du monde.

    • I was happy to find it too. I had a hard time finding authentic resources for restaurants. With the story script and this music video I found a way to work in a lot of the vocabulary that I wanted students to have.

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