September 2020

When we are headed back to school in September, the learning our students will need most will be in the realm of social emotional learning. How do we address this while still practicing French? I have put together some resources to help start off your school year.

Here is a set of slides dedicated to running Advisory Circle in French. I have labeled them for the corresponding proficiency level. There are opportunities to greet other students, share with classmates and play games. I am planning to use these ideas in the beginning days with my continuing students.

I hope they inspire you and add to your plans for La rentrée 2020, a precarious time for us all.

3 responses to “September 2020”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing all this incredible content! I teach at a small project based school where I am the primary teacher but am also introducing French to our middle schoolers because they expressed interest. Your shares have laid such a thoughtful, and fun!,framework for our exploration. I am so excited for the year to begin thanks to you!!

  2. This is really helpful! All of the google slides, “Se présenter, la rentrée ect… all of it is very well done and adapted to any hybrid, in person or remote situations. The authentic documents and videos are nice and truly reflect the French culture! So Merci mille fois pour le partage! A bientôt le plaisir d’ouvrir vos petits trésors!
    Bonne continuation à vous!

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