New Beginning: Getting to know you

Classrooms are repopulating this month. Thursday I will have my students back in the classroom together. My students have been in two cohorts in the hybrid model and don’t know each other, so I will be introducing the students to each other.

I will start with some pair work to keep the interactions less stressful for the students. My seating chart was made with some smart pairing in mind and I will have these students get to know each other through asking and answering questions. I appropriated the slides I have used in the past for playing Maitre d’. I have decided to play this game in a new way, taking Social Distancing into account.

Ask students to sit on their desks so that they maintain three feet of distance. Pair students with a person near them and have them ask and answer four questions before they get matched up with a new partner. One hint for this kind to work is to ask students to respond with everything they can say in French and when they are done to fall silent. When the teacher hears they are done, the teacher will advance to the next slide. In addition, cue the student of the pair who is closest to the door to start and then alternate.

Once students have gotten to know three other students through questions and answers, I plan on having them use what they have learned by doing a Kahoot class trivia game. I got the idea from Señora Chase’s blog.

And finally, we will play a few interactive games that are able to be played while still maintaining social distancing. The games are explained on these slides. The games are fun and a good way to get to know each other and they also promote proficiency at the Novice level.

I wish you well as your students return to the classroom!

4 responses to “New Beginning: Getting to know you”

  1. So are your students allowed to move around in the classroom? Here we are coming back from hybrid in 2 weeks and students must stay at individual desks and not move from their seats unless to go to the bathroom or pencil sharpener. We must maintain a strict 3-4 distance at all times. I teach in a high school. I am looking for ideas on how to do something similar for introducing the 2 cohorts to each other but am thinking it is going to have to be virtual somehow.

      • I think so but i do have kids whose desks are against the wall on at least one side so that limits me to only 2 interactions (which is better than none). I have 24 kids in a class which makes me a little nervous I must admit.

      • I agree that this is nerve-racking. I hope that you are scheduled for a vaccine. Maybe you are nervous for your students’ health and not for your own. Sometimes I get very nervous that my students will get infected and will bring it home to their families. Yes, I think if you keep your mind on it being better than nothing at all, you can make limited pairs work. Best of luck and let me know if I can help with anything.

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