Unit Plan on the School Cafeteria

When I have time to reflect on teaching and pull back to the big picture, I like to work on unit plans. For different teachers this takes different forms. I favor unit plans that are visual and show how the components work together for student learning. Leslie Grahn offers on her website my favorite unit plan template as well as great resources for activities that promote student learning. I want to make sure that teachers flood the Internet with examples that can inspire other teachers, so in this post I am offering a sample unit plan, this one is on expressing your opinion on meals at the school cafeteria.

Unit Plan: School Cafeteria

2 responses to “Unit Plan on the School Cafeteria”

  1. I am found of your unit plans. Conductive to great conversations and proficiency growth for my students. Would you by chance have the slides for the School Cafeteria? Thanks for all of the thoughts you put into your lessons.

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