Unit Plan on My Day at School

When teachers share work on Twitter or other social media platforms, one great way to communicate how to promote student learning in a language is to share a unit plan. Leslie Grahn’s template for unit plans on her website is visual and shows how the components of a unit integrate, so I like to use it. I had great response to the first unit I shared earlier this week and so I have decided to share a second unit, this time on the school day.

Here is link to a unit plan on My Day at School. It is my hope that through sharing online other teachers will be inspired to take this unit plan and make it their own or incorporate some of the resources into their teaching.

5 responses to “Unit Plan on My Day at School”

  1. I love these unit plans and absolutely adore your unit template. I also love how many authentic resources you have curated for your units, but my big struggle has been to find authentic resources from Africa that do not reinforce the idea that everyone in Africa is poor. Maybe you are familiar with the idea of the single story, that is, that one fact about a person or place that then becomes the only thing people think of when they think about that person or place. Have you had any success finding resources from Africa that don’t reinforce the idea that everyone in Africa is poor?

  2. I was thinking about the video of the school day in Senegal that you’re using for your IPA. I really struggle with video representation of francophone Africa in general. I am already familiar with the other resources you mentioned above and use them regularly. I agree, they’re great!

    • Thank you for the suggestion that I might want to rethink that video. I don’t have a good substitution at this time, but I could not assess interpersonal. Truly, thank you for caring enough to speak up.

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