Summer learning: Movement and Decolonizing the curriculum

For me this summer was a time to travel, reflect and attend some excellent PD. The two pieces I have been thinking about are how to work movement more into my teaching and how to address topics that honor the different parts of the world where French is spoken while talking openly about the role of French colonization.

I would love to share with you a lesson for starting the year with continuing French students on music in the RDC, while making progress on my two goals. Here they are:

To understand all of my ideas, find some hints in the “speaker notes” section of the slides. Please let me know if this lesson works for you in your classroom. I would love to learn from your experiences and exchange thoughts on teaching!

3 responses to “Summer learning: Movement and Decolonizing the curriculum”

  1. This looks excellent. I love the cultural comparisons and the video of Katie seems quite comprehensible even for novice learners. Merci bien!

  2. I’m just getting to this, but wow! What a thoughtful and beautiful lesson you have created and shared. I am going to use this with my FR II students this year. Last year when they were level I I did a superficial “Musique mercredi” of my own design. They have been asking for more music, and this is so rich and much more global than I have done in the past. Thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated. I simply could not create anything like this by myself. After visiting Senegal this summer, I am looking at everything I do in the classroom though a different lens. This absolutely fits the bill.

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