Film Shorts

Here are 16 Film Shorts that use the vocabulary of French 1.

Essential Question: What can you learn from retelling or sharing a story?

Can do statements:

  • I can ask and answer questions about stories.
  • I can describe the characters, settings, and major events in a story.
  • I can retell the story in my own words using key details to show that I understand the message in the story.
  • I can express my opinion on a film short and say why.
  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors – VideoStory Script & MatchingEdpuzzle
  2. The Right Way – VideoStory Script & QuestionsMovie TalkEdpuzzle
  3. La Valise de Papa – VideoMovie TalkEdpuzzle 
  4. Pip – VideoMovie TalkEdpuzzle
  5. The graveyard shift – VideoEdpuzzle
  6. La Routine – VideoMovie Talk
  7. La Fille qui aime danser – VideoMovie Talk
  8. Rhapsodie au pot-au-feu – VideoMovie Talk 
  9. Alma – VideoStory ScriptMovie TalkEdpuzzle
  10. How unexpected – VideoStory ScriptMovie TalkEdpuzzle
  11. Lait Drôle de Vie – VideoMovie Talk
  12. Cupidon – VideoStory ScriptMovie TalkEdpuzzle
  13. The Easy Life – VideoStory Script & Activities – Edpuzzle
  14. Snack Attack – VideoEdPuzzle
  15. Le Cadeau – VideoMovie TalkEdpuzzle
  16. L’omelette – VideoMovie Talk

Possible activities:

If you would like to use these film shorts without buying anything new or want to do fewer, I have made a bracket of 8 where there are free resources (for at least the Movie Talk or one activity) for each of these.

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