Iconic Scenes from French-Language cinema

Let’s watch iconic scenes from French-language movies with our students. What is it like to watch just one scene? What can we understand from one scene of a movie? Watch scenes from a few films as a class and then rate them from favorite to least favorite in a Google Form. (Please make a copy of the form!)

Pick your favorite scenes from this board of “extraits de film” 

Essential Question: What can you learn from retelling or sharing a story?

Can do statements:

Ask students to give their opinion of each scene: Chat mat 

When you have a class discussion about a film, do a write and discuss as a class.

Sample activities:


There is a lot of talk about iconic film scenes. You can find articles and videos about the best scenes from films on the Internet. Find your own favorite and play the scene without sound while you describe in French what is happening in the scene and why you like it. Use the Chat Mat for support.

Resources used to make the activities I have presented:

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