Planning for September: Remote learning lessons on La rentrée

We have made it to the end of the school year. Remote emergency teaching has been challenging at best. The question we are all asking ourselves is, “What have we learned from this experience should we go back to remote teaching?” As teachers we have a lot of hope that we will be back in the building with our students in September. Most of us know what and how we would teach if that is the case. As teachers we are also planners. What can we do now to plan for teaching remotely again?

I am trying to have a few sets of lessons for remote learning should I need them in the Fall. My latest attempt is a set on La rentrée. It fits in nicely after my set on Je me présente. Please tell me what you like about these lessons and what you would change. I need the help of all of you to continue to get ready for whatever may come next!

La rentrée Copy for Blog

My motivation behind putting these on my blog is to share my efforts. If we all share then the job becomes less demanding and we all learn from each other. Please provide feedback or questions if you are able in the comments.

7 responses to “Planning for September: Remote learning lessons on La rentrée”

  1. I love all the authentic resources you selected for your students, from the song to the articles and infographics and your Can-do statements at the beginning. Personally, I would also use them as an opportunity to introduce a little bit of grammar, new vocab or culture bits. In the song for instance, there is a lot of Futur Proche and quite a few after-school activities (on va jouer au foot, etc.) My 7th graders are in their second year of French and would be ready for this, but if your students are beginners, I can see how this might be too soon 😉 After watching the Amazon commercial, I would ask students how THEY feel about going back to school and review/offer a list of adjectives + rules of agreement. I love the infographics from l’Education Nationale and its emphasis on saving money and being earth-friendly. I would expand on that too and ask my students about their eco-friendly habits (in English for young learners). I love 1Jour1Actu articles but find them often too difficult to understand for my novices. I would need to hold their hand with the article you suggested at the end! Thanks for all your work and for sharing!

    • Vanessa,

      I love your comment for how it helps me and for how it is a guide for someone else on how to adapt this set of lessons for their classroom. Yes, my 7th graders only have language every other day and are beginners, so the comments you have made here about the level of these activities rings true. I think that I will have to do them with them during my moments of live teaching. And, I won’t be able to add on the additional grammar, reactions and culture that you refer to, but I will be able to draw the pieces I have out by asking a personalized questions in English to get them to think about their own perspectives and practices.

      Thank you for these comments. You are a supportive virtual colleague.


  2. Sarah,
    Ces ressources sont magnifiques. Je trouve la chanson très intéressante pour n’importe quel niveau. Combien de temps est-ce que tu envisages pour faire ces activités? Est-ce que les élèves ont leur copie de la présentation pour noter leurs réponses?
    Merci de partager, cela prend tellement de temps à trouver des documents authentiques.

    • Je suis bien contente de savoir que ces ressources peuvent être utiles pour vous. Je pense que ces activités pour la rentrée durent deux semaines, et oui, je donne une copie à chaque élève.

  3. Merci beaucoup pour prendre le temps de nous donner ces tips et ressources. C’est vraiment magnifique. Si tu as quelque chose sur les emotions et sensations ce serai merveilleux. Merci encore! J’adore ton blog

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