Curriculum of thematic units for remote and hybrid learning

This post is a summary to help you navigate my site better and to encourage you to revisit some earlier posts. You will note that each unit has authentic documents that include music videos, infographics, articles and clips from television shows. I use technology tools like Quizlet and EdPuzzle and give you links to ones that are ready to go. 

We are fast approaching our winter break. Teachers are tired and need more than ever the support of collaboration. Please share my resources and your own wide and far. Let’s help each other through the winter months of the pandemic. Below these seven themes work together to form a French 1 remote or hybrid curriculum. It is my hope that you will find at least some of these materials to be helpful in your teaching.

Je me présente

La rentrée

Mes origines

Les loisirs

À l’école

Pour se reposer

C’est délicieux 

4 responses to “Curriculum of thematic units for remote and hybrid learning”

  1. I am very grateful for your generosity and for helping us out as we work through and learn about this new teaching environment. This is my 34th year, and I thought I had seen it all….apparently I was wrong! Although I love the challenge, your lessons are inspiring and a great guide to follow! Merci mille fois!

  2. THIS IS A- MA- ZING!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for your extremely generous gesture! I love your work and it applies to most of our programs this year. I’ve been soooo horribly busy creating slideshows this year that I never had a weekend for myself. NOW I THINK I WILL TAKE PLENTY OF IDEAS FROM YOUR GREAT WORK AND I WILL GET SOME PERSONAL LIFE BACK! Can you believe it? I have created stuff for these units but I will add so many great ideas from you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Margarita 🌸

    *Margarita Kuhn-D’Elia* * *

    *World Language Department* *Hamden Hall Country Day School* *1108 Whitney Avenue* *Hamden, CT 06517*

  3. Oh làlà! Merci C’est si bon!! Same here I have not had 1 weekend. Metropolitan Learning Center, IB CREC Magnet School in Bloomfield, CT is searching for a remote or in person French teacher We teach grades 6-12 so if you know anyone…

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