Unit Plan on Friends

Thank for you all of the feedback on the two other units I posted. As teachers are scrambling to plan for the month ahead, I have a third unit plan to offer to others as an example, this time on the subject of Friends. This unit has taken me months to plan as I wanted to make the topic relevant to my students, connect with cultures of the Francophone world and speak to students about important acts of activism in as diverse countries as France, Belgium and Canada. For some reason before this I haven’t had a unit on description that I really liked and with a little extra work this week now I am pleased with the product. I would love to see activities and unit plans from readers for description. Please share generously if you have something to add and benefit without guilt if you want to use something I have included.

3 responses to “Unit Plan on Friends”

  1. I am very impressed with your unit on Friends–are there links /documents that are described in the unit

    • I took a look and I have already linked what I can. Is there something in particular you would like? You can private message me on Twitter @WldLangToolbox with your email and I can send you what you want privately.

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